Freeride and Freeride Split reviews

We could keep talking about how amazing our boards are for hours, but which snowboard brand doesn’t claim to have the best boards on the planet? Instead we’ve put together some reviews from the last winters, for you to find what others have to say: is worth a visit if you want to learn more about splitboarding, discuss boards, etc.. Since the release of the Freeride in 2011, Furberg Snowboards has probably been the most discussed brand on the forum.

This is what Taylor from had to say in an in depth review about the Freeride:
“I have not had so much fun riding a snowboard in a long time. It initiates and exits turns effortlessly, it pivots very quickly, it slarves and smears fast and beautifully, and it rails nicely too.”

Check out Taylor’s full review here.

To see what other users on the same forum have to say about the Freeride and Freeride Split, you could also check out this thread, which is the longest ever on


Daniel Furberg, founder of Furberg Snowboards, riding pillows in Verbier, Switzerland. Photo: Anders Ödman. is the only magazine 100 % dedicated to splitboarding. In their yearly test, the Freeride Split was rewarded as the “Most Innovative Splitboard”.

“It showed an excellent performance on deep snow, with great floatability thanks to its rocker and reverse sidecut; it also feels really easy from edge to edge when it’s deep. We all wished we’d had the chance to ride it a few more days.”

Check out SplitboardMag’s full review.furberg-low

Luke Rees from AWE365 got to test the Freeride in the French Alps, and wrote a long review about his impressions.

“When the slope was shallow, the snow slow or crusty, the Furberg kept floating and maintained my momentum better than those I was riding with. Through the trees it was surprisingly nimble, even when following packed powder tracks it flowed with the natural contours helping me to maintain pace.”

Check out the full review here:


Henrik Auestad taking flight on the Freeride in Courmayeur, Italy.

Mountain Weekly News, based out of Jackson Hole, had the chance to test the Freeride Split for a few days. This one sentence sums up the full review in a good way:

“Camber is not just for getting rad in the air, this board really excels when laying an edge, holding on at high speeds and just charging fully committed down the mountain.”

Check out Mountain Weekly News’s full review.


Team rider Davide Capozzi in a situation where edge hold is much appreciated.

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